Summary of Features

Summary of Features

VBConversions supports converting all versions of Visual Basic.Net to C#

All VB.Net project types are supported:

Support for older VB.Net code:


       Your code doesn't have to be perfect to convert to C#

Support for all the latest VB.Net features:

       VBConversions is the first to convert new VB.Net features after every Visual Studio release!

       Support for the tough conversion issues:

Multiple project conversion support:

       VBConversions uses this feature to volume test releases on over 5,000 projects

Integrated Side by Side Code Browser:


       Your VB.Net projects are unique and may require custom handling during conversion.  There are literally dozens of conversion options you can configure to meet your specific needs:

Comprehensive reporting:

       You're not left wondering what you should do to prepare for conversion or what happened during the conversion process. You will get comprehensive reports on:

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