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VB.Net to J# Converter Details
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VB.Net to J# Converter

Tired of VB?  Want to make the switch to J# or even take the first step towards Java? You don't have to rewrite all your code. Over 99% of your code can be converted to J# automatically, with the VBConversions VB.Net to J# Converter.

The VBConversions VB.Net to J# Converter is a Visual Studio.Net 2003 add-in which converts your VB.Net project to J#, conveniently within the Visual Studio environment.  There is no switching between programs and fumbling through folders.  Oh yes, it also happens to be the most accurate VB.Net to J# Converter on the market.  This is our newest product but based on the same award winning technology as our VB.Net to C# Converter.

Unsurpassed Accuracy
  • Microsoft 101 Sample VB.Net programs convert at over 99.5% accuracy.
  • VB casing inconsistencies are fixed during conversion (J# is case sensitive, VB is not)
  • Handles clauses are converted to J# style event handling.
  • Optional parameters are converted correctly (VB supports them, J# doesn't)
  • ParamArray parameters are converted correctly (other converters don't even try).
  • VB Namespace functions like Left$, Right$, Mid$, MsgBox, etc. are optionally converted to their .Net equivalents.
  • Unreachable code is commented out (allowed in VB but not in J#)
  • Non-static initializers converted correctly (allowed in VB not in J#)
  • Arrays ranges initialized properly by adding 1: "dim a(5) as string" in VB = "String[] a = new String[6];" in J#
  • VB "Like" operators are converted correctly.
  • Complex Case statements are converted correctly or changed to "if" statements as necessary (VB supports complex Case statements, J# doesn't).
  • With clauses are converted correctly (With clauses are supported in VB but not in J#)
  • Many difficult and ambiguous features of VB are converted correctly (too many to list).
  • Unconvertible code (such as Gotos and labels which aren't supported in J#) is commented out with a warning so you can follow up and fix later.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • Installed as a Visual Studio 2003.Net add-in.
  • A converted J# project is added to your VB.Net solution (none of your VB code is modified).
  • You never have to leave the Visual Studio environment.
  • Single projects, multiple projects, or whole groups of solutions can be converted at once.

Many Conversion Options

  • Control whether X = X + 1 is converted to X++
  • Control whether X = X - 1 is converted to X--
  • Control whether unreachable code should be commented out.
  • Control whether temporary variables can be created for With clauses (4 different options).
  • Control whether VB Namespace functions should be converted to their .Net equivalents:
    • IsNothing()
    • Chr()
    • Len()
    • UCase()
    • LCase()
    • Left()
    • Right()
    • RTrim()
    • LTrim()
    • Trim()
    • Mid()
    • Replace()
    • Split()
    • Join()
    • MsgBox()
    • UBound()
    • LBound()

Why Choose the VBConversions VB.Net to J# Converter?

  • Unmatched accuracy - VBConversions converts the Microsoft 101 VB Samples at over 99.95% accuracy.
  • Unmatched flexibility - Projects may be converted one at a time, or many at once.
  • Unmatched convenience - Conversions are done within the familiar Visual Studio environment.
  • Unmatched customization - There are many conversion options available (even though you will probably want the defaults).
  • Download the evaluation version without registering or getting
    pestered to death by emails or phone calls.
  • VBConversions really goes the extra mile to give you the highest accuracy possible in a VB.Net to J# Converter. For example, ParamArray arguments are converted, which other converters don't even attempt.

Download a Trial Version of the VB.Net to J# Converter. No Obligation. No Registration Required.

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VB.Net to J# Converter Sample

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